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True North Consulting

Infuse your business with the color and power of communications

What We Do

True North Consulting is a hands-on advisory firm which specializes in crafting narratives to drive your business forward, through strategic guidance and management. We help uncover your ‘truths’, connecting the various elements of your business for purposeful engagement with internal and external stakeholders. True North Consulting will create impactful messaging whether you are addressing your employees, the media, potential business partners or government stakeholders.


Engage our skills to help strengthen and develop your strategic narratives and frameworks within your organization:


Corporate Communications & Profiles

A solid corporate communications strategy is the infrastructure of your organization. Your foundations should include a corporate narrative, culture, profile, spokespersons, and communications channels. Your corporate persona and identity are as important as your products and services in driving your business forward. Mapping your internal and external stakeholders is a critical business activity that defines your engagement and communication agendas.

Crisis Preparedness & Management

Effective crisis management is instrumental in safeguarding your organization from threats that can damage your reputation or impact your bottom line. The consequences of mishandling a crisis can range from minor to massive but planning spells less opportunity for a misstep to develop into a true crisis. We help prepare your organization, leaders, and teams to navigate through a crisis through the development of processes, protocols, training, and simulations. Don’t wait for the live crisis to test your capability, resilience, or preparedness!

Content Development for Traditional & Digital Media

It’s not all in print or on a billboard. In today’s world, marketing campaigns include a combination of traditional and digital media outlets. We craft stories using precise and creative strategies that speak in a multitude of ways.

Project Management

We can take big ideas and transform them into success. Applying tried-and-tested project management techniques, we help your teams track and manage projects efficiently and effectively.

Protocol & Process Development

Developing effective protocols and processes ensure businesses operate efficiently without the risk of incorrect procedures and conflicts. With a proper management system in place, a business can avoid pitfalls and thrive.

Innovation Management

Innovation management can improve productivity, create new revenue streams, increase employee loyalty, and decrease unnecessary costs.

How We Do It

At True North Consulting, we believe in the importance of continuous improvement. Every organization should have a point of reference to guide them - a ‘True North’ - an ideal point to strive for. A journey, never a destination.

The name of our firm is inspired by both sailing and LEAN, the management concept of efficient operations that grew out of the Toyota Production System in the mid-20th century. True North works as both a compass proving guidance and direction to take your business from its current position to where it needs to be, and it sets a concise and universal set of ideals to transcend any obstacle and continually strive towards.

This belief is what we build upon when managing strategic projects. We immerse ourselves into the organization and culture, integrating with the team and introducing valuable external perspective. This breathes innovation and novelty to any company or organization’s story. Your story is derived from your truth, and we help tell a truthful story which provides the inspiration to grow in leaps and bounds.

Our Approach

About Us

About Us

True North Consulting was co-founded by Mai El-Kinawi with the motivation to craft truthful narratives that inspire organizations to improve. With over 22 years of experience working across a multitude of business functions within the Middle East & North Africa, Mai has accumulated a well-rounded and strong track record in strategic communications, governance frameworks, and stakeholder engagement. Her strength and perspective in marketing, research and political economy has led to a wealth of experience in setting up new functions, teams and understanding new markets and categories within massive organizations like Mars Inc. and Unilever.


In 2020 Mai established True North Consulting to share her unique approach to purpose-led storytelling, development, and management with individuals and corporate clients. Her belief in 'transferable knowledge' has opened the possibility to apply her variety of skills from one sector to another, which is evident from True North Consulting’s diverse client base.

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Our Clients

Our Clients

True North Consulting boasts a diverse client base, each appreciated greatly for the unique and important place they hold in the economic and services landscape.

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Read how our valued clients experience working with True North Consulting.

Mohamed Seif
Procurement Director,


I would like to thank Mai for her professional attitude and support, Mai was very supportive, great communicator and was very helpful during the project execution and added a lot of value to the project. Thanks Mai your effort which is really appreciated.

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